Career Opportunity: Executive Director

The Redress Movement is seeking its first Executive Director to lead the next frontier of the civil rights movement—redressing the systemic, structural, and intentional segregation in housing policy in the United States.

Housing segregation is as pernicious as it is pervasive. It is at the heart of the racial wealth gap, and central to disparate health outcomes; it has played a central role in the failure of public schools for so many African American children. It is a critical factor in the dynamics of policing and the killing of unarmed African Americans at the hands of police.

In order to change these outcomes, we must build a multiracial movement that is rooted in an accurate telling of how communities became segregated, changes the public narrative around the continued impact of housing segregation, and leverages local organizing to enact policy change and restitution for those most impacted.

The Executive Director will take the helm of the Redress Movement at a critical juncture for our country. Civil rights that took generations to be fully applied to all Americans are being taken away. In the last few years, a record number of Americans from every walk of life have taken to the streets to proclaim that Black Lives Matter, but not enough has been done to leverage this new energy and activism to enact systemic policy change.  We must take a different approach.

The Redress Movement, under the leadership of the Executive Director, will fundamentally change how we engage, educate and organize communities for action when it comes to housing equity. Through intentional and long-term organizing that will ultimately lead policy changes, the Redress Movement is at the next forefront of the civil rights movement.

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