Milwaukee County Petition for Housing Subcommittee

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The residents of the City and County of Milwaukee, urge Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson and the entire Board of County Supervisors to create a Housing Subcommittee to address the inequities of housing in Milwaukee, due to some of the facts below:

  • The Black homeownership gap in Milwaukee is the second-worst among major cities in the country, and many of those renters pay more in rent than they would in housing costs if they owned their home.
  • Milwaukee renters, especially in its lower-income neighborhoods that disproportionately contain folks of color, actually pay significantly more in rent compared to housing prices than their peers in higher-income neighborhoods. This means that they are overpaying for lower-quality housing, from which they are vulnerable to eviction and displacement. It also means that they have the capability to build equity in homes, if they could access homeownership.

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