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Kevin Patterson (they/them)

Kevin was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Kevin received their BA in political science and ethnic studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. Promptly after graduating, Kevin interned for the AFL-CIO in Houston, Texas.  Kevin joined the American Federation of Teachers following their internship. In their tenure, they supported the formation of three adjunct unions at Temple University, Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, and Cayuga Community College in New York. Kevin worked in Baltimore, Maryland, as the lead organizer for healthcare and state employees with the Maryland Professional Employees Council.  Kevin returned to Denver in 2016 and worked on political campaigns through Colorado Peoples Action. Kevin worked with the Colorado Peoples Alliance to address immigrant, climate, and economic justice issues.

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We invite you to join our community in putting an end to the displacement and harassment of the Green Valley Reach community by the HOA. Thank you for your support.

Dear HOA Board Members,

We are writing to express our concerns regarding the current state of our homeowners' association. As residents and homeowners in this community, it is our duty to ensure that our HOA is operating fairly and justly. Unfortunately, the slew of previous foreclosures, predatory fines, and aggressive litigation connected to the VF law firms have led us to believe that our HOA is not meeting these standards.

First and foremost, We call for an end to all foreclosure producers taking place by the HOA!

We demand the HOA elections take place transparently and fairly. We need to implement fair voting rights for owners and renters to ensure that proper notice and service are given to all members of our community. Additionally, we demand fair and transparent financial systems. Additionally, a community shall be involved in the voting process if the HOA spends over $1000. We demand the fine system be stated clearly and note specific acts for fines and the associated cost. We demand transparency on accessing and addressing fines in HOA meetings and recoding in notes on directions to proceed with. We call for an ending contract with expensive and predatory law firms like VFLawfirm. Finally, we are calling for an update to our bylaws to be reviewed at least every five years.

Furthermore, we need proper oversight of HOA by and outside of procedures and management companies that are strict and fair. We also demand that the HOA invest and work with realtors to ensure robust know our rights and information HOA bylaws are guaranteed for every new GVR home buyer before buying a home. We are calling for an affordable moratorium to continue in Green Vally Ranch beyond 2024. We Demand that the HOA disclose the demographics of foreclosed houses from 2008 to 2023 they have initiated as a vital step in maintaining transparency. Finally, we are calling for the HOA board to have open and direct communication with the residents of our community by reinstating in-person meetings and reviewing foreclosure cases that will help ensure that everyone is heard and that resources are paid back to displaced residents.

We urge the GVR HOA to take our concerns seriously and take the necessary steps to address them. We are demanding a meeting date that is accessible to the public. Both in location and time, fitting the ability of our community to attend. We must have a chance to address our demands and concerns regarding the current state of our homeowners' association. If the HOA refuses to meet, we must insist that the current HOA board resign immediately. The recent increase in foreclosures on homes is unacceptable and has caused undue stress and hardship in our community. We need a new board that is committed to transparency and fairness in all of its dealings. Our community deserves a fair and just HOA committed to all its members' well-being.


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Jasmine Wright (she/her)

SC native and graduate of Charlotte’s premier HBCU, Johnson C. Smith University, began organizing after re-chartering her school’s NAACP. Jasmine has a passion for community organizing and has worked with numerous organizations across the state. Jasmine is a strong advocate for youth engagement and participation in our most basic civic duties. Jasmine is a role model and a voice for communities that are commonly not heard, and uses her knowledge to plant seeds among others, while sprouting new leaders along the way.

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We invite you to sign our petition denouncing Racially Restrictive Covenants, and join the Redress community in Charlotte.


Racially restrictive covenants in Charlotte’s working-and middle-class neighborhoods helped to create privately erected racial boundaries that has lasting features that we still see play out today. We believe that just as segregation was caused by specific laws, policies and decision makers, segregation and its multi-generational impacts can be redressed.

We also believe that everyone deserves access to housing affordability, fair tax assessments and paths to homeownership. In order for us to take steps in stabilizing our Charlotte neighborhoods we need to not only acknowledge the harm caused by covenants but to ACT NOW to demand that covenants in Charlotte are denounced. Sign this petition to join the fight.

Take action today by signing our Pledge and joining our local Redress Round Table.


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Dynasty Ceasar (she/her)

As an agent of change, Dynasty Ceasar is dedicated to creating pathways for Black Liberation in the city of Milwaukee. As a young person, Dynasty understood the disparities of segregation, as she grew up on Milwaukee’s Northside and was bussed to a predominately white suburb for school through a desegregation program called Chapter 220. 

She started her career in Lindsay Heights as a Community Organizer at Running Rebels and focused primarily on eliminating silos, helping residents define their community, and supported efforts to challenge gentrification and displacement. Dynasty also facilitated anti-racism trainings among various organizations and businesses in Milwaukee and Racine with the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin. 

In her role as the Environmental Sustainability Program Coordinator at the City of Milwaukee, Dynasty managed pocket parks on Milwaukee’s Northside, extended landscaping maintenance contracts to residents that lived nearby, and developed “Climate Change 101” to connect communities of color to the effects of climate change. She also served on the Racial Equity and Inclusion Leadership team of the City of Milwaukee as the Policy Committee Chair.

Dynasty will continue to strive for a more equitable Milwaukee as she works to desegregate housing in her role as the Senior Organizer for the Redress Movement. 

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We’d like to invite you to learn more about our organization, the work we’re doing in Milwaukee and across the nation, and how to get involved.

Register now to attend our Redress Movement Milwaukee Introduction Meeting to get started!